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Private Lessons Online with Prof. Potato


Your private American Tutor comes to you home, anytime


What Do We Teach?


Prof. Potatos teach English, Chinese, Science, Writing, Math and Exam Preps....


English 英语

Learning English can be happy, fun and very useful...


Writing 写作

Writing is probably the most important skill in life. 


Science 科学

Most innovations are based on sciences, eg. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer can change the world too. 


Math 数学

Maths, can be difficult for some; and very interesting for the anther some


Mr. Andy Whatever

Hi! I have been teaching English as a Second Language at Whatever School in Connecticut for 7 years. I have experience helping non-native speakers to enjoy learning English and also have fun using English in their daily lives. 

​你好!我在美国康州的Whatever School教了7年的英语,专门帮助非英语母语的学生迅速提高英语水平。我的教学方法是令孩子们在学习英语时获得乐趣,同时在使用英语时也得到乐趣。

“I'm super impressed! Cherry only had 8 private lessons with Andy, not only her vocabulary increased so much, she lost almost 50% of her Chinglish accent. Don't know how he did it, but it is quite magical!”

​"我很满意!美美只跟Andy上了8节私教,现在她不但 词汇量大幅度提高了,连口音都变得纯正了很多。我不知道Andy老师是怎么变的魔术...“

Ms Lin, Cherry Mei Mei Song's mom


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