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A Day and A Life of Dexter

Doggo stories (written by a 10 year old student of our English Writing tutor Helena Williams)

I woke up after a long night of walking around, barking and covering the house with my slobber, I ate my breakfast. Then proceeded to lay on the ground unmotivated, just Chill. BaNg! BoOm! BAnG! CLara’s awake. She's the ugliest thing that has been in the house since dat weird spider and ewwwww she’s touching me. Clara’s so annoying! She always pokes me like HEY! HEY! HEY! She also makes me work for my food like a PEASANT!

But Avery’s the best , she always pets me and barely makes me work for food. Then my peasants started eating and Clara told me to sit and I thought she would give me food, but she just sat there! Give some respect and food woman! After breakfast my peasants went upstairs and I proceeded to lay on the ground unmotivated. Again. Then dad went upstairs so I went up too. Clara suddenly attacked me for no reason like omigosh bro, not cool. Dad then went into Avery’s room so I followed and Avery scratched my back and it was the best scratch I’ve ever had. Soon I went downstairs and Barked at some dawgs and had a laugh over it cause the dawgs just ran away. So now I’m just layin down again unmotivated again. My peasants then went into the game room and proceeded to scream and yell at each other. At lunch I sat and looked at Avery and begged for food but failed. After lunch my peasants went upstairs for quite a while then went down stairs again. They first started petting me like the good boy I am, then they split up and did something else. After like 20 min Dad had called Clara and Avery and drank this water with black pearls in it, sadly I was not offered any, honestly how offensive . Clara went back into the game room and Avery went into the living room. 4 P.M. I got in the car along with my peasants and got petted on the head and neck. When Avery left I was so so very sad, but when Clara left I did my little Rockets routine . Dad drove me back and when I got home I was then chained up by a leash and brought outside, I walked a little bit then a dog was a couple meters away to me and I started yelling “ HEY, HOW DARE YOU EXIST!!!” Of course dad wasn’t happy about it and of course he started clapping his hands and saying; “Hey, c’mon Dex, c’mon.” When we got home I saw a bowl of food waiting for me and I pounced at it and basically laid unmotivated for the rest of the night, what a productive day.

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